The hills and forests surrounding The Sandy Creek Barn present a countryside with almost limitless possibilities for adventure. In this special place, Reynolds introduces The Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds. Carved from one hundred acres of natural terrain immediately adjacent to The Barn, The Sporting Grounds represents the first offering to emerge from this rustic playground.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday
9:00am to 5:00pm
For reservations contact 706.467.1584
Sporting Grounds Pricing and Policies

 The Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds Experience

Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds Information

Sporting Clays

Designed to emulate the unpredictable and challenging nature of a classic British shoot, the twenty-station sporting clays course at Sandy Creek is often described as “golf with a shotgun.” The full twenty-station sporting clays course takes approximately 2 ½ hours to complete and will provide the opportunity to experience everything from clays crossing, coming toward you, going away from you, running on the ground, and dropping out of the sky.

Quick Facts

  • Twenty-station clays course, 100 clays per person
  • Six-station short course, 50-75 clays per person
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable clay targets
  • Certified Guide


Five Stand

The Five Stand offers a unique experience for members looking for a more compact and competitive shooting adventure. The Five Stand incorporates five stations laid out next to one another, similar to trap shooting. With twenty-five shots per person, the shooter attempts a shot at five targets per station, then rotates to the next position until all 25 targets have been attempted. The presentations at each station are different, and can consist of singles or pairs of targets.

Quick Facts

  • Five Stand Course
  • Several trap launchers throwing targets at various heights, angles and speed
  • 25 clays per person
  • Luxurious, rustic cabin for intimate events and evening gatherings


Begineer & Advanced Shooting Layouts

Bringing a touch of British tradition and heritage to the Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds, the Games and Instruction course will allow shooters to enjoy a collection of locally crafted, authentic Scottish Grouse Butts. These hand-crafted landmark stations offer a fast flying, testing, and exhilarating experience, similar to grouse shooting in Scotland.   The Games and Instruction area will also be used for private and group instruction with professional and certified instructors. Private lessons will be available by reservation for beginners to advanced shooters.

Quick Facts

  • Hand-crafted Scottish Grouse Butts
  • Three target areas simulating the movement and trajectory of rabbits, doves, and teal

Air Rifle

Using the most advanced, pre-charged .177 caliber air rifles, our expert shooting instructors will hone your target shooting skills on our outdoor five-lane air rifle range. The air rifle course is ideal for testing your marksmanship skills with knockdown targets at distances between 10 and 35 feet.  Beginners will enjoy practicing their aim, while advanced marksmen can fine-tune their shooting skills.

Quick Facts

  • Perfect for a wide range of ages and abilities
  • Pre-charged Compressed Air Rifle
  • Low noise and low recoil, making it enjoyable for beginners
  • Knockdown targets


Despite its medieval origins, archery has now been developed into a high-tech and highly competitive sport. Using the very latest equipment, the Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds provides an accessible and exciting environment where you will learn the secrets of archery on our outdoor target range.

Quick Facts

  • Genesis Compound Bow
  • Carbon Arrows
  • Target Course


Just a short walking distance from the Sandy Creek Outfitters enjoy three waterfront-fishing piers where you will have the opportunity to meet with our skilled fishing guides.

Quick Facts

  • 44-acre professionally managed, stocked lake
  • Catch-and-Release

Off-Road Driving

Following the native contours and topography of the land, the off-road course presents a navigational challenge for novice to intermediate drivers in a controlled environment.

Quick Facts

  • Designed by world-renowed Land Rover driving expert Bob Burns
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Sandy Creek Barn

Sandy Creek Barn is an ideal natural setting for a wedding or event. Once a working barn, this marvelously restored structure dates back nearly 200 years. Overlooking a 44-acre stocked lake and two-story boathouse, Sandy Creek Barn at Reynolds Lake Oconee is a magnificent 6,750+ square foot completely restored wood-beam barn located on 812 acres.

Quick Facts

  • 6,750 SQ FT
  • Up to 300 guests
  • Bridal Suite & Grooms Quarters
  • Indoor & Outdoor Fireplace
  • Two-Story Private Boat House