How has website navigation changed?

The new member website has a menu structure that allows easy navigation from one area of the website directly to any other area of the site.  You no longer have to navigate through all of the Golf pages to get golf information or through the Dining pages to get dining information.  
There is also a new Member Home area where most of the online services and modules are available for quick reference and selection.


What is my member number for registration?

In order to register you will need your Reynolds Lake Oconee Member Number, this is the 7-character/digit number that is used throughout the community.  If you have a Member Number that is shorter than 7 digits, you must add leading zeros to the number when registering. For example,  if your Member number is 1111, to create your account you need to log in as 0001111. 
Also, if you are a dependent or spouse you must add the letter suffix to your number when registering for the first time - for example 0001111A.


Does my user name have to be my Member Number?

No, when registering for your username, you will have the opportunity to change your username. 


Are entries in the Member Directory now listed individually?

Each individual now has the ability to be listed in the Member Directory, and each individual can customize the information that is displayed to other members.  Relationships can be exposed if desired in terms of spouses, children, or significant others in each member's directory information.


When can I book my Tee Time?

Online tee times can be booked starting at 12:00 noon on the first day of the standard member booking window.  To book prior to noon on the first day of the booking window please call Reynolds Concierge.


What are Member Preferred Times?

These are a certain set of tee times set aside for members as a priority.  To view all available tee times for a specific course or courses choose all available options.  For example, to see all available times at Great Waters, choose both the “Great Waters Member Preferred” and the “Great Waters” options. 

Can I book Group Golf through the website?

No.  Group Golf bookings will still need to be made through the Reynolds Concierge.


Are the online booking modules going to replace Reynolds Concierge?

No.  The online modules are a supplemental service and an additional way to book both Club facilities and events and allow you to “self-serve” on reservations for dining, golf, and other events.   The Reynolds Concierge will continue to be available for personalized support.


If I book through the Reynolds Concierge will I see bookings through the website?

Yes, any booking made through the website or through Reynolds Concierge will be displayed in the "My Bookings" areas on the new member website. 


Can I sync my personal calendar to various electronic devices?

Yes.  Most bookings will result in an email that will contain an .ics attachment that can be added to most electronic calendar programs.  You can also use the sync feature on the Club Calendar to sync your bookings.


If I book a fellow member onto a Tee Time, Court Booking or Event, will they be notified?

Yes.  If you add a fellow member to a booking they will receive an e-mail notification and the booking will be seen in their 'My Bookings' area located under their login.


Why are other Member names not asked for under a Dining Reservation?

Dining reservations are strictly based on the number of people in a given party. This means that whoever makes the reservation is the primary member booking that reservation and will be the one who owns the reservation.


Why can't I change the time or party size of a dining reservation once booked?

Dining reservations are assigned based on party size to specific tables.  Therefore, if you need to change the time or number of people in your reservation, please call Reynolds Concierge at (706) 467-1111 for assistance; otherwise, you must cancel the reservation online and re-book with the revised party size and time.


I wanted to add a Member to a tee time but they don't come up in the search?

The Tee Time module checks the rights of a given Member against booking windows and course availability.  If a Member has a membership level which at that time precludes them from access, to book yet on a course or does not have rounds to play a given course at a given time, they will not show up as a Member option when booking.


Why can't we see the names of other players in Tee Times and Court Booking?

You cannot see names of other players to protect the privacy of members.


How do I filter the number of items on the Club Calendar?

When looking at the Club Calendar you can filter the events displayed by selecting or deselecting the various "Categories".  You can view the Club Calendar in two primary views – through the traditional month long Calendar, or the 'e-View' style calendar, where events are listed in chronological order.


I want to change the base information displayed in the Member Directory?

You can make self-edits to already publicized information such as address, phone number, and e-mail address.  After making these types of edits, they will go into a pending state until approved and posted by the Membership Office.  If you want to add information such as alternative address, business address, or information not currently displayed, you need to contact the Membership Office to do the initial addition. After the information is added to your account, you will be able to make any changes to this information through your account in the future. 


Are memberships restricted to a singular email address?

Each member, primary member, spouse, and other family members can all have their own email address on file and manage their own individual preferences in terms of e-mail notifications and club e-mails.  To maximize services with the Club, it is important that all members have a current e-mail address on file with the Membership Office.  

Also, it’s important to note that the e-mail used when registering for the website does not update or replace the official e-mail on  record that can only be set by the membership office or by the individual in the 'Edit my Profile' section of the Member Directory.


If my spouse or other family wants to book under their account can I simply open up a new tab in my browser?

No, because of the use of cookies to preserve a Member's session on the website, you must logout before another family member can utilize the same computer to login and book under their login.


What are Buddy Lists and Groups?

Buddy Lists are ways for members to build personalized lists of fellow members they often book activities with including Golf, Tennis, or Club Events. Since you can now book these types of activities online, the Buddy Lists serve as a way to save a list of these individuals for easy access when booking.
Groups are simply ways to organize your Buddy List by particular activities - like Saturday Golf Group, or Trivia Night Group, or Tuesday Tennis Group.  When booking these services you can simply add the individual Buddy from your list or an entire Group to the booking.


Can I remove myself from a booking made by another member?

You can cancel or remove yourself from any booking that is listed in your 'My Bookings' area.  If you are the original owner of a booking, you are able to edit and remove any parties.


Can I opt out of being in the Member Directory or what is displayed?

Any member can opt out of the member directory or self-edit what information is displayed.  Also, each family member can have unique preferences - for example the primary member may chose not to show their e-mail address or cell phone, but their spouse could.  

You can also opt out of allowing other members to book you into items like Tee Times or Events.  To edit your personal preferences, first login, then click on the 'Member Info' button in the header photo of any page.


How do I register my children for family activities or children’s events?

Select the event you wish to register your kids for in the Club Calendar > then select Register > remove your name > click Member to add another member > search for your child or children’s names by first or last name > click Register again. You will receive an email confirmation for their registration and it will show on your calendar.


How do non-member property owners access POA content?

Non-member property owners should contact the ROA department for set up of an account to access ROA areas of the website.

Why can’t I change a tee time that is not at my home course when it was an authorized booking?

Although you were granted playing privileges at courses that are not your home courses according to your membership level, the system prevents online changes to these times. You will need to call the Reynolds Concierge at 706-467-1111 to make changes.